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Idea Lab: Challenge Updates

Hello Sierra users, Only a week remains to submit ideas to the Crisis Management Challenge and so far only a dozen ideas have been submitted. I'm sure there are many more ideas out there for ways to improve how the ILS can adapt to an emergency s...
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Idea Lab: Expiring Ideas

Hello Sierra users, I hope everyone is doing well under the present circumstances. If you're anything like us, you've been spending the last week extending due dates and staring at the days closed table and may need a break for just a few minutes...
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New ideas in Idea Lab

Hi Sierra users, Here are few of the new ideas submitted to idea lab in the past few weeks: • Opt in and out of auto renewal • Displaying bib record check digits in public view • add patron birth date range options to Decision Center circulat...
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Idea Lab and IUG

The Public Services Smorgasbord Challenge may be over but as ever the Always Open Challenge is going strong. Here are just a few of the ideas currently on the cusp of graduating, all they need are a bit more feedback from the community: Ability t...
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Idea lab Challenges coming soon!

The IUG Enhancements and Innovative Products Teams are pleased to announce two timed challenges launching next week! The Polaris Potluck Challenge and the Sierra Public Services Smorgasbord Challenge will run concurrently from March 13 – 27. Each...
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