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Clients Not Connecting After Millennium Migration to Hosted

We just migrated Millennium to Innovative's hosted service yesterday. We are going into the second day, and we still can't get the clients to connect to the server and open. I've tried different ports, 2000 and 2002, and III has confirmed that all of...
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Hosting contract

We are going to move our Sierra and Encore servers to III's hosting, and we have received the contract documents to sign. Is there anything that we might want to change or add to these? pshirley@cuyahogafallslibrary.org...
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Experiencing Major Remote Access Volatility Since Move To Hosted

Would appreciate some help or input on if anyone has heard of a similar issue or been through it themselves. We moved from hosting our server here on campus to a migration in the cloud with a III Hosted setup in Mid-December. The migration went s...
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Hosting and SIP2 encryption

We're probably going to move our Sierra system to Innovative's hosting this year and I'm concerned about encrypting SIP2 traffic from our Bibliotheca self-checks to the server. Innovative offers a VPN to hosted servers but the cost to set it up is ve...
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Justification Language for Move to Hosted

We were informed that III is no longer in the hardware business, turnkey not an option. Thus our upcoming budget request will be for the move to hosted (vs. replacement of turnkey servers). I am looking for some justification language, specifically a...
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Hosted Systems - Internet connection requirements?

We're pondering a move from turnkey to hosted (turnkey no longer seems to be an option). Our IT manager mentioned the possible need (and costs) for us to upgrade our internet connection. With the system hosted onsite, we have a 1G connection to our d...
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