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Dealing with holds on unavailable materials

Hi everyone, I'm moving this question from the bottom of the recent discussion on finding holds, where I'm afraid it will get lost! Further to this conversation... what do other libraries do once they find a large number of items or bibs that ...
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Lost Paging Slips

Not sure what I'm doing wrong in Create Lists, but not coming up with expected results. Staff at a particular location went to print out the paging slip this morning and cleared it before it actually printed. And it didn't print (printer not turne...
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stats of checkouts from holds

Hi all, Is it possible to find out if a circulation (checkout) has come from a filled hold? I don't see anything obvious in the circ_trans table. We want to try and find out how many circs come from holds for a specific portion of our patrons. ...
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Paging lists - a different number each time they are run

We recently migrated to Sierra. When we run our paging list we might have 8-10 items. If we run the list a few minutes later we will have 10-15 more items, not duplicates but new items to page. We are concerned that we are not running the paging list...
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