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Spine label print template and Windows 10

We have a print template for a spine label that worked in Windows 7 that does not work in Windows 10. Jaspersoft studio shows no errors, but when you try to preview it in Sierra you get "failed to preview template." If I do one bit at a tim...
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Due slip Print Template problem

Hello, I've created a new print template for due slips with the average calculation for the value of items checked out. That expression is working well and the libraries using it love it. However, there is one library that is having an odd problem. ...
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Print template for due slip showing value

Hello, I've been getting requests from our libraries to add the value of items checked out to the bottom of due date slips. I know there has been discussions of this before, but I haven't been able to locate them. I have Phil Shirley's clearinghouse...
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Epson TM -T88V receipt printers and print template hold slips

Hi All, We have many  Epson TM -T88V receipt printers which  print non-template date due slips and template hold slips with no problem  from Sierra 3.1.On two PC's however the printers print garbage instead of hold slips. The login parameters all lo...
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Print Template Wiki -- where is it?

I've seen a couple of posts referring to a Wiki for Print Templates. Can I access this through the innovativeusers.org website? ahelck@telluridelibrary.org...
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Java Expressions for Print Templates

Cross-posted to the IUG listserv. I am creating spine label templates in Jaspersoft. While what I have works, I would like to know what it means. I have figured out some, like .trim eliminates leading and trailing spaces, but I have not figured o...
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Hold Slips not printing

We have two computers on which hold slips are not printing. There are many other computers using the same Sierra login for which hold slips print fine which makes it seem as though there is nothing wrong with the application or login. We have tried g...
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Autonotices- Does anyone print the non-electronically sent ones? If so, please provide advice.

Hi folks, We moved to Innovative and Sierra about a year ago. We are currently manually preparing our notices but would like to start autonoticing them. Our problem is what to do with the file of notices not sent electronically. We only print or ema...
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How do you remove line breaks in a print template?

Hello, We use Jaspersoft for our print templates. It was recently brought to my attention that our paging lists are split in a way that makes it easy to miss titles if there are more than two on a list. (see attached image) My guess is it splits f...
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