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Circulation Stats for Reserve Courses

We would like to find an easy way to send our faculty/instructors the circulation stats from the items in their reserves courses. We would also like to the stats to be in a useful format, like csv. We do not want to send them screenshots of their...
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Automating searches to find course reserve materials?

At the beginning of each semester, we get a list of required texts from the bookstore. Currently, the circulation staff manually searches each title to see if we own it so it can be put on course reserve. I have been asked to automate a comparison of...
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Circ stats by student major for e-reserves

We use Web Management Reports to collect stats on e-reserves but we are not able to get usage stats according to the students' major that viewed the e-reserve. Students must log in to access e-reserves, so that data must be recorded somewhere. Does a...
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Circ stats for e-reserves in Sierra

Hello, Until this past summer we used the media manager function for electronic reserves. As they were not checked out, but accessed through a link or PDF in the media manager, I am not sure how to get a circ stat. Is there a way for me to get a usa...
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