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Account Lock Out After Unsuccessful Attempts

Is there a wwwoption (or other setting) that locks out a customer account after a certain number of unsuccessful attempts? roxanna.foster@toledolibrary.org...
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Webpac renewal confirmation

Hi All, When the feature came in (with Rel 2009?) to offer patrons renewing items a confirmation dialog asking 'do you really want to renew' there was a discussion on the IUG list about how to not offer this. In the intervening years has anyon...
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User Experience/Web Design Librarian, University of San Francisco

Gleeson Library at the University of San Francisco is searching for a User Experience/Web Design Librarian who will assess, improve, and integrate library web interfaces to support a cohesive library web presence and seamless resource discovery for o...
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Web option LOC/button to stacks map

Has anyone found an easy way to take the LOC weboption link and move that url to a button and place it in the bib record? I'd like to do that to make it obvious that the link leads to a stacks map. I am guessing this would have to be done via Javascr...
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Requesting Library-Use-Only Materials

Our runs of Bound Periodicals are spread out between two library branches and a storage location. They are only to be used in one of our branch libraries, so they have a status of Library Use Only. However, that makes them unrequestable. According to...
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Are Item Location Maps Still Useful?

Are you still using the LOC wwwoptions to present location maps? If so, could you provide a link to your catalog? Are the maps being used by your patrons? I looked at our Google Analytics for our maps, and our usage seems to be fairly consistent. ...
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Sierra suppress 856 indicator 7 in webpub.def

I'm trying to figure out how to edit my webpub.def file to hide any 856 fields with a first indicator of 7. Here's what I currently have:   b|y|8[^5].|-6789|||b|b|y|856|-6789|Url||b|b|y|85[^6]|-6789|||b|b|y|85672||||||   Shouldn't the last line h...
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Robots.txt file

It seems that at some point over the last 15 or so years that we've had our webPAC and before we had unlimited user access to it, we added a robots.txt file to keep the web crawlers from using up all our licenses while it harvested info from the cata...
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Googlised webpac and huge number of subject /call number searches

Hi All, A few months back we opened our webpac to Google. This has delivered benefits of course but we have noticed that Google seems to be doing a huge number of subject and call number searches. So much so that these now make up 46% of search...
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Character limit in WebPAC title search

Is it possible to extend the allowed character limit for a title search? Currently our title search box only allows 75 characters. A staff member was doing title searches beyond that and message displayed: Please shorten this text to 75 characters or...
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Browse/Extended Display in WebOPAC - BROWSE[_itag], specifically subject

*Also posting on Sierra listserv* Hi all, We noticed that in our browse display for subject searches, the 655/7 fst information is showing up (suppressed this in our bib display). See attached file for an example or see http://innopac.fauquierc...
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Patrons with excess money owed: Block checkouts but allow renewals?

Is it possible to allow patrons to renew items through the webpac and Encore if they are blocked because they owe too much money? The manual says the patron blocks table blocks patrons from all actions or certain types of actions, but I don't see ...
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UTM Parameters Messing with Keyword Results List Bib Links

I’m trying to track usage on our kiosks with UTM parameters. However, we are finding that when using this URL for the home page: http://library.artcenter.edu/screens/opacmenu.html?utm_source=kiosk&utm_medium=hc1&utm_campaign=kiosks (The fo...
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Send email on request/hold

Sierra doesn't seem to have the capability of sending a notice upon placing a hold/request, is that correct? This is absolutely standard behavior for online ordering--you place an order, you get a confirmation. Has anyone overcome this limitation?...
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Outbound Link Tracking

Has anyone been able to get Outbound Link Tracking using Google Analytics working in the WebPac? If so would you please email me? Track outbound links Find out when users click a link to leave your site. https://support.google.com/analytics/an...
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