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Proxy and NCTE

Dear all Has anyone got WAM (or EZ proxy) working with the new NCTE site? We were using WAM successfully before the change and I found a document that suggests they allow proxy servers but it doesn’t have a date, the FAQs only offer IP access. ...
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Soliciting your tales of success and woe: Switching fom WAM to EZproxy

Hello! Has your institution (in the past or recently) switched from WAM to Ezproxy (hosted or self hosted)? We are considering a move to EZproxy and as part of my research I'd love to have some advice from peers. Feel free to directly email me ...
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Wildcard SSL and WAM

OCLC's documentation for EZproxy claims that it can handle commercially-issued wildcard SAN certificates without throwing up hostname mismatch security warnings. Can anyone confirm this? Has anyone managed to avoid these warnings with WAM while st...
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