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Discussions tagged fines and fees

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Customizing renewal error message

We're attempting to edit the wording of the default Encore/WebPac error message when a patron has a fine balance. Currently, the message reads: You cannot renew items because You owe too much money I see where we can create a custom messages.c...
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Late Fines vs. Billed/Damaged charges list

Does anyone out there in the collective wisdom know of a way to run a list in create lists that shows how fines were applied? Such as, a list of fines specific to late fees and a separate list of fines specific to damaged/billed materials? We want ...
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Fines and Fees with Self-check

Our library uses Comprise Technologies' Smart Terminals with 3M self-check machines to process fines and fees payments.. We are currently in the middle of revising our credit card refund procedures and wonder if any library has an established proced...
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