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IUG Website will be down for maintenance

Hi all, Please note that IUG website will be down this coming Sunday May 28th and Monday May 29th , we are migrating to a new server, sorry for the inconvenience as all resources on our website will not be accessible during this time. Thank you! ...
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Sierra Upgrade Bug Checklist

In preparation for those of us who must upgrade to Sierra 3.1 as soon as it’s released, what issues have other libraries run into when upgrading Sierra within the last year? I’d like to compile a list of things we should check as soon as the upgrade ...
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Issues after upgrading to Sierra 3.0

We are running into several issues since upgrading to Sierra 3.0 earlier this week. For one, we are unable to checkin serials (we get a "missing pair" verify error). Another is that Sierra Web is fairly unusable now - when trying to open a ...
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Next Record functionality lost after upgrade to Sierra 2.4

After upgrade to Sierra 2.4 last night the go to Next Record functionality has stopped working when browsing a list of remote records from Worldcat. My Display - Browse Option is set to Compact Browse. Has anyone else lost this functionality on upgra...
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IUG Server update

Hi All, We have a server update scheduled for this Friday morning July 22nd at 9:00AM EDT " Convert it to your local time- http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/ " During this period our website including IUG Forum will be unavailab...
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Java 8 support is "new" in Sierra 2.3?

I'm reading the release notes for Sierra 2.3 and am confused by the statement that Java 8 support is a new feature. Per the Windows "Programs and Features" in the control panel, the PC I use Sierra Desktop on only has Java 8.92 installed...
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Upgrade Sierra 2.3 results

How many people have upraded to Sierra 2.3? Can you please tell us how it is going and any problems you've encountered as a result of the upgrade? Thanks...
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INN-Reach bug in Sierra 2.2 and 2.3

We were about to upgrade our production Sierra next week, when iii helpdesk just threw a bombshell our way. "We recently discovered a bug in late Sierra 2.2 and Sierra 2.3 where the second level iragencymap files are being ignored." W...
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IUG Email server migration

Hello All, Now we are live with IUG Forum, we are planning to perform Phase #2 from this project which is Email server migration. some of you probably noticed delay when receiving email notifications from IUG Forum for new Posts, replies and comme...
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