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  1. Janice Painter
  2. Sierra/ Millennium/ Encore
  3. Wednesday, 11 January 2017
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We have done minimal setup for our Hold Threshold table-- since we don't have multiple branches, we have only 3 entries:
Pickup Location Material Type Threshold
<SYS> * 4
????? d 5
????? a 3

We get fewer results in the Acquisitions workflow High Demands Holds report for System-Wide Thresholds than we do for our (single) Selected pickup location. I'd assumed that differentiating the two material types, reading the table from bottom up, that <SYS> would catch high demand hold titles for undefined material types.

Reading the Sierra manual, have I misinterpreted how this table is read? Should I be adding entries for ???? to match all of our defined material types to this table?

I don't believe we need to get detailed specifying pickup locations since we have one physical pickup location and a second virtual pickup location as our only two defined.

Would anyone be able to help with some best practices advice?

Thanks in advance.

Pickup Location:
A drop-down list of your library's hold pickup locations from the Display Name element of the Hold Pickup Locations table. This list also includes two wildcards: <SYS> System-Wide Threshold and ????? <wildcard>.

The <SYS> System-Wide Threshold wildcard indicates that the entry applies not to any specific pickup location, but to your library system as a whole. The system only applies <SYS> threshold values when you run a System-Wide Thresholds report, and it calculates the System-Wide Thresholds report using only the threshold values specified for <SYS> entries. If you want to generate System-Wide Threshold reports, the table must contain at least one <SYS> entry.

The ????? <wildcard> value indicates that the entry applies to any specific pickup location not listed elsewhere in the table. The system applies this value when you run a Selected Pickup Location report.

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