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  1. Alison Pruntel
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  3. Wednesday, 07 December 2016
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*NOTE: Posting on Sierra listserv as well*

Our marketing person wants to publish a list of top circulated titles as a "year end" review.

I am trying to find this via Create Lists (don't have any experience with SQL and we don't have Reporter).

I am starting to play around with this, first looking at adult books. Because our fiscal year (YTD) runs July 1-June 30, vs. a standard calendar year (what the marketing person wants), I am using the following:

BIBLIOGRAPHIC SUPPRESS equal to "a" AND (ITEM YTDCIRC greater than "10" OR ITEM LYCIRC greater than "10";)

I then sort by title and export the title, YTDCIRC, LYCIRC and open in Excel. I sum up YTD + LY to get total circs for our fiscal year. Where I'm getting stuck is that I would then need to combine/merge titles (same title, different bibs) to get an accurate reflection of the most popular "titles."

For example, I have the following:

After you / Jojo Moyes. 5 12 17
After you / Jojo Moyes. 5 12 17
After you / Jojo Moyes. 5 11 16

Is there a simple way I can combine the rows of titles and sum up their totals? Then sort by total? I am not an Excel wiz. I am guessing some of you have been asked to produce this type of information and I might just be blanking/missing something obvious.

Thanks for any insight/clues you may have...

Alison Pruntel
Electronic Resources Librarian
Fauquier County Public Library
11 Winchester St.
Warrenton, VA 20186
*Brent, I thought about WMR - I only use it for search reports; a colleague who is OOTO pulls most stat - Figured there was probably something obvious in there I could use. However, I was able to get what I needed from Create Lists + Excel and the help of Eoin Dardis from Dublin City Public Libraries (see below).
*Janice, we don't have Decision Center, but appreciate the info.
This was actually a fun exercise. Found out Mo Willems and Rick Riordan are the top authors for our juvenile and YA collections and the Girl on the Train (of course) was the most popular adult book in our collection during the past year.
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  2. 3 years ago
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Hi Alison,

Outside of this strategy for using Web Management Reports against your review file (which sounds like a great one), Decision Center has Top Titles report options that can be used, if you have Decision Center in your toolkit. This report also accounts for items that may have been deleted during the year (so if you withdraw your multiple Book Group copies of a title over a time period, leaving only one regular collection copy, you're still going to get all items' use stats for that title over the year, even though the items are no longer on Sierra.

We use this report constantly for regular and on-demand reporting.

Janice Painter
Access Services
Princeton Public Library
Princeton, NJ

609-924-9529 x1231
  1. Brent Searle
  2. 3 years ago
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Hi Alison,

This doesn't answer your question about subtotaling same title but different bibs but it might save you some time and provide a little more information for you.

Don't overlook Web Management Reports. Since you are beginning by creating a Review File, you can use that Review File in the Circ Stats > Title report which will provide you with number of items, YTDCIRC, LYRCIRC, Total CKO, INTL USE, COPY USE, and IUSE3 for each bib record. The report can be downloaded and opened in MS Excel (pipe symbol is used as field delimiter). The default output includes a total column which sums Total CKO and INTL USE but you can easily add another column to sum YTDCIRC and LYRCIRC.

Brent Searle
Library Systems Manager
Langara College
Vancouver BC
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Solved (using Subtotal function) thanks to Eoin Dardis of Dublin City Public Libraries! :D

I've attached the complete procedure in case anyone is interested. Will post to Clearinghouse as well.
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