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  1. Jennifer Faist
  2. Sierra/ Millennium/ Encore
  3. Thursday, 03 November 2016
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I’m trying to track usage on our kiosks with UTM parameters. However, we are finding that when using this URL for the home page:

http://library.artcenter.edu/screens/opacmenu.html?utm_source=kiosk&;utm_medium=hc1&utm_campaign=kiosks (The forum is messing with this URL so see the real link below.)

and performing a keyword search, sometimes when you click on a title to go to the full bib record, it takes you to a different title in the search results list. It seems that if there are less than three records per relevancy ranking section, the links are okay, but if there are three or more results per relevancy ranking section the links are all mixed up. For example, starting at the URL above, I did a keyword search for “cereal.” There are two results in the “Most Relevant” section; those bib links work properly. There is one result in the “Highly Relevant” section; it’s bib link works properly. There are 14 results in the “Very Relevant” section; all the bib links go to another bib record in the results list. Here’s a chart of how they are linking in this example:

Result Number - Bib Record that it links to
Most Relevant section:
1 - 1
2 - 2
Highly Relevant section:
3 - 3
Very Relevant section:
4 - 9
5 - 10
6 - 13
7 - 16
8 - 7
9 - 15
10 - 12
11 - 17
12 - 5
13 - 11
14 - 6
15 - 4
16 - 8
17 - 14

This problem only seems to affect the keyword search; index searches seem to be working fine. Also, if you start at the URL without the UTM parameters, everything works fine.

Our mainmenu page has a search widget for EDS, so that’s why we’re using the opacmenu for our classic catalog search.

Has anyone else tried this? Is anyone successfully using UTM parameters on their WebPAC?
Anyone know what’s going on, and why this doesn’t work. Is relevancy ranking a factor? Is this a bug?

Jennifer Faist
Library Systems & Digital Collections Administrator
ArtCenter College of Design
  1. http://library.artcenter.edu/screens/opacmenu.html?utm_source=kiosk&utm_medium=hc1&utm_campaign=kiosks
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Bob Duncan at Innovative came up with the answer on this one. By replacing "/screens/opacmenu.html" in the URL for the page with "/search," keyword searches returned the correct results. Thanks, Bob!
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