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  1. Carlton Stephen Coleman
  2. Sierra/ Millennium/ Encore
  3. Wednesday, 02 November 2016
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Is there any way in the Sierra Cataloging module to search by the name of the cataloger in order to see who cataloged certain materials? We are a small department, and this would be extremely useful in certain instances!


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  2. 3 years ago
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We have each cataloger add a letter code to the bibliographic field 910 for statistical purposes, but I am not aware of a way to search and only get those specific records back.
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In our library, we use constant data in Connexion Client that adds the cataloger's initials in the 049$l We can then run a list in Create Lists using that field/subfield and include cataloging date ranges. I don't know of a way to do it automatically in SIerra/Millennium. You can look in Record History in the Reports menu when looking at an individual record, but that won't give you a list. If Record History is not turned on, you can open a call with III and they'll turn it on for you.

Eddie Clem
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