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  1. Patricia Hults
  2. Sierra/ Millennium/ Encore
  3. Tuesday, 27 September 2016
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Our current practice in dealing with our large Ebsco journal invoice follows:
1. We have an order record for each journal. When the journal is first ordered, an order number is sent to Ebsco where it is attached to the correct journal title as an ILS number.
2. The order records are coded Status “F” (serials no encumbrance)
3. When the Ebsco invoice is downloaded, the payments are matched to the appropriate journal order record and a new payment line is added.
4. We do not encumber dollars before the Ebsco invoice is paid, so for a substantial portion of the fiscal year expected costs are not showing in Sierra.
We have had a request to figure out how to encumber the funds before the invoice is paid. We are looking at using the “Changing the Estimated Price for Serials” option which changes the Eprice based on previous payments and also changes the order status to “C” (serial on order). We are also considering another option of adjusting the specific fund encumbrance to reflect the expected payment and changing the order records status to “G” (serial encumbered).
If you have had either success or failure in either of these methods or have a better way to do this, would you please respond with details on your process.
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