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  1. Amy Brinkley
  2. Sierra/ Millennium/ Encore
  3. Wednesday, 21 September 2016
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Hi all,

We are looking for a way to send an email confirmation upon submission of an ILL request. It has become common to expect an "order confirmation" via email in so many other venues, and it would be nice to extend this courtesy to our library patrons.

Is anyone using a custom notification for this type of function? If so, what parameters are set on the list for Send to Email? Are you modifying the Paging Slip to send to patrons? Other ideas?

We'd like to explore ways of using Sierra notices to generate this email, and are open to your suggestions/advice.

You can contact me directly at amy.brinkley@flc.losrios.edu.

Thank you!
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If your patrons are placing requests via the WebPAC forms you can get Sierra to automatically send a confirmation email. You need to change 3 things:
Create an html page ill_confirm.html with the text of the email confirmation (look up 'Interlibrary loan request confirmation form' in the manual for details).
Also set the WWWOPTIONs
ILL_CONF_EMAIL to specify the email from and reply-to addresses. Setting this option also turns the confirmation email option on.
ILL_CONF_EMAIL_SUBJECT to specify the email subject
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