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  1. Tasha Bales
  2. Sierra/ Millennium/ Encore
  3. Monday, 29 August 2016
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It appears impossible to get a list of items from a list of Course Records (the Item and Bib fields are available for selection in Create Lists and Export, but are not successfully exported from a list of Course Records, nor can a file of Course Records that is searched successfully produce a corresponding list of Item Records).

Right now, I'm running a list looking for item records with a "Save Item" field, which appears to be the only way to retrieve a list of item records for materials on reserve, which seems to be my best bet.

I'm writing to confirm that the assessment above is correct. Or, is there another way to get a list of item records from a list of Course Records, without resorting to the character-based system? (We want item records in order to take advantage of easier reporting and manipulation via Excel.)


Tasha Bales
IT Systems Librarian, Learning Technologies
Information Technology Services
University of California, Santa Cruz

(831) 459-2005

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See my post towards the top on 8/30/16 - "Item create list with reserve/course fields possible". Bottom line - not possible in iii today. In Software Engineering so someday it will be fixed for Sierra. May or may not someday be fixed for Millennium. You could export item/bib fields and then separately export reserve fields and knit them together ... if you have someone on your staff with this level of Excel expertise.
  1. Tasha Bales
  2. 3 years ago
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Thanks Melissa. We'd be doing this every month, so we'd want to avoid monthly knitting. I might do something with Perl. Thanks! --Tasha
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