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  1. Kathy Setter
  2. Sierra/ Millennium/ Encore
  3. Thursday, 16 June 2016
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We are considering changing loan rules from owning location to circulating location. I have a few questions for those of you who operate this way. How is your loan rule determiner table constructed? We rely mostly on item location and itype and from the documentation it looks as though item location cannot be a factor as the login location is used for that. I'd love to see a few lines from a loan rule determiner table so I can try to get a handle on what changes I would have to make should this go through.
Also, when using loan rule determined by login, who sends out overdues and bills? The owning library as it is now, or the circulation library? Our libraries have differing fees for bill, some billing fees, some processing; would those also follow the circulating library?
And help is most appreciated!
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Our consortium is set up this way.

Overdues and bills come from the owning library; at present I think this is the only option. We are hoping that Innovative will find a solution to sending the notices from the circulating library, as this is how it was done in our consortium in our previous ILS.

The loan rules and processing fees come from the circulating library, however. This means that if I have a processing fee, but my item is circulated by another library that has no processing fee, and the item is lost, the notice comes from me but there is no processing fee on the bill. Likewise, if a patron from my library checks out an item owned by a library that usually has no processing fee and my patron loses the item, the notice is sent by the other library and that library receives the processing fee that I routinely charge. It's imperfect, but something there's not an easy answer to with the number of libraries we're working with.

I copied a few lines and attached them. Columns are Location, Patron Type, Item Type, Age Range, Rule #, Active. All of our Locations are the libraries' two-letter primary codes with an asterisk. I'm not sure if we could have been more specific with these, or if they have to be that way because of the logins for circulation.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks so much! This is very helpful.
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