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  1. Tasha Bales
  2. Sierra/ Millennium/ Encore
  3. Tuesday, 07 April 2020
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Good afternoon, I have a question about how or whether to begin using second indicator 7 with $2 to identify the subjects that originate from our local thesaurus. All of our authority records are of local origin, but many subject headings in our catalog are uncontrolled (not in our thesaurus, no authority record), and come in from external sources, such as O'Reilly. I'm not very knowledgeable about authority control. I'm thinking about starting to use $2 and have a few questions I'd like to request help with.

First, does this make sense? My main goal is to improve visibility around which headings are local, and which are not, and which are legacy local headings in place that were never incorporated into the local thesaurus. In the past, we haven't really cared about terms coming in from external sources, which might explain why we don't bother with headings reports, but using $2 could be useful to help identify the external subject headings that are NOT in the thesaurus, but which we might want to add.

Next, three related questions about best approach and ramifications:

Will implementing second indicator 7 and $2 have any bearing on overnight automatic authority control processing?

Should the authority records be updated in some way to indicate their source thesaurus? I'm not seeing a place for this in MARC authority guidance, but I'm not very familiar with authority data.

Is globally updating bibs the way to go for both the indicator and the $2, or can AACP cause $2 to be inserted programmatically?

I've reread the documentation about AACP, but my depth of experience with authority control is limited. Therefore, if anyone can advise whether I should absolutely not proceed, or alternately, suggest a more efficient path than globally-updating (I don't necessarily know at this time WHICH headings I'd need to update), I thank you in advance for your help and your patience.

Thanks for your time and consideration,

Tasha R. Bales


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