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  1. Casey Lowry
  2. Sierra/ Millennium/ Encore
  3. Thursday, 09 January 2020
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We use the Excel reporting tool provided by Innovative to compile our Web Access Management statistics (found here: https://csdirect.iii.com/downloads/wam_stats_template.php), but it stopped working for us after our campus IT department updated our library computers. It seems that the original Excel tool was created for 32-bit software and is not compatible with new 64-bit versions of Excel. I submitted a ticket to Innovative to see if they would update the tool to accommodate newer software, and they have stated that they will not be creating a new one because it is a function outside of the Sierra system.

While not absolutely essential to statistics collection, this Excel tool has been a significant time saver for us, and we will soon lose access to it because our campus IT department is wanting to eliminate outdated software from all campus computers. Unfortunately, none of our library staff are experienced enough in Excel to be able to recreate a newer version of this tool that we can use moving forward.

Has anyone else encountered this issue and found a solution for it? Is anyone willing to share what tools they use to streamline the collection of Sierra WAM statistics?

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