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  1. Jeremy Goldstein
  2. Sierra/ Millennium/ Encore
  3. Monday, 09 September 2019
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Hello Sierra users,

The Create Lists challenge got off to a great start last week with 52 ideas that have been submitted so far (with 13 that have already graduated successfully passed expert review). Ideas like:

Exports tags and indicators of MARC fields and subfield tags - Optionally
Export to Excel
Print labels in Create Lists should work with print templates
Provide sliding date range functionality for date-related query terms
Run queries based on multiple parameters within individual fines or holds

Ideas can continue to be submitted through Wednesday September 11th and comments and voting are open through Sunday September 15th. So jump in and show some support for the ideas that have been submitted by you and your colleagues.

And be sure to come back on September 21st when Pairwise begins and let Innovative's developers know which of these ideas matters most to you.

New to Idea Lab? Idea Lab is designed to allow you to submit, discuss, and vote on ideas to improve Sierra and Polaris. Anyone at any Innovative library may participate in Idea Lab. See in the information on how to create an Idea Lab account on our FAQ page: https://www.innovativeusers.org/enhancement/idea-lab-faq

Jeremy Goldstein and Maisam Nouh
IUG Enhancements Co-Coordinators
Gwyneth Jelinek, Polaris Team Lead

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