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  1. Alison Pruntel
  2. Sierra/ Millennium/ Encore
  3. Wednesday, 10 July 2019
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We currently have it set up so that in the public catalog, we suppress any attached items that are billed. It’s a manual process that is performed on a weekly basis. We don’t apply this to items that are damaged, missing, etc., just billed,
which personally I feel is kind of weird. Why not other “undesirable” statuses? Anyway, if we find that all of a bib record’s attached items are a status that is billed, we will suppress until we replace items or delete, but otherwise, a bib in the public
catalog may have attached items that have available, missing, on search, etc. Patrons see that and may ask questions.

I’m just wondering if any of you are suppressing any/all items that have an “undesirable” (i.e., missing, long overdue, etc.) status, so that only checked out and available items show. And if a bib has only attached items that are all at
an undesirable status, what query are you using (in Create Lists vs. SQL) to find those so you can suppress the bib? Trying to wrap my head around how to do that so I can find bibs that
all of the attached items are either billed, missing, on search, etc.

Thanks for the feedback,


Alison Pruntel

Manager, Technology & Materials

Fauquier County Public Library

11 Winchester St.

Warrenton, VA 20186



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