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  1. Jeremy Goldstein
  2. Sierra/ Millennium/ Encore
  3. Tuesday, 21 May 2019
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Hello Sierra users,

A lot has happened regarding the Idea Lab since IUG and we wished to take a moment to provide some updates for those who missed the conference.

First and foremost, Innovative has announced two Sierra timed challenges for 2019 (with more to follow on a regular basis in 2020):

  • September: Sierra Create Lists
  • November: Death to Popups

The winner of the Sierra Public Services Smorgasbord Challenge was also announced:

During the conference we hit 50 ideas selected for the roadmap in the past year and an astonishing 20,000 votes submitted to the site!

Beth Juhl's term as co-coordinator has come to its end as she moves on to new challenges as IUG's Secretary/Treasurer. Thank you Beth for all your incredible work over the past two years to make the Idea Lab as successful as it has been.

We now welcome Maisam Nouh as the new co-coordinator and could not be more thrilled to have her join the leadership team.

Finally as always, all of you have been busy adding to the Idea Lab. Since IUG alone another 19 ideas have been submitted to the Always Open Space. Here are just a few of these excellent ideas that need your attention to succeed:

New to Idea Lab? Idea Lab is designed to allow you to submit, discuss, and vote on ideas to improve Sierra and Polaris. Anyone at any Innovative library may participate in Idea Lab. See in the information on how to create an Idea Lab account on our FAQ page: https://www.innovativeusers.org/enhancements/idea-lab-faq

Jeremy Goldstein and Maisam Nouh
IUG Enhancements Co-Coordinators
Gwyneth Jelinek, Polaris Team Lead


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