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  1. Elizabeth Wright
  2. Sierra/ Millennium/ Encore
  3. Tuesday, 12 March 2019
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I understand that Libraries cannot customize the description and summary metadata that appears in the search/holds & catalogue function search results (the non-compact browse views).

That said, can anyone share how they manage the Order information that appears in the summary window?

We don't have on order items, so we often have "not available" items coupled with the # of orders (these can be paid for OR on order). Unfortunately Staff have to open the bib, and then view the Order summary when working with Customers to see if the Order in the summary display is paid or "on order". Our default summary is always holds/bookings.

My instinct is to not purge old orders, but this is a workflow problem for us. Staff are often asked when items go missing whether an additional copies of a title have been ordered. If we 3 or 4 MARC records for 1 title (different editions etc.) each bib has to viewed in case one of the records has additional copies on order. Thanks for sharing if you have found a solution to this.

Thank you,

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In Innopac there's an OPAC options setting for "display order record in item record box" that you can use to have that message fade after a certain period of time. In our system we have it set to 14 days from the rdate in the order record.

We do also purge order records annually (all completed orders older than 2 full fiscal years) but for a different reason. Having old orders makes it difficult to purge bib records that no longer have items, and can lead to holds landed on records that will never be fulfilled. They also lead to discovery issues as patrons searching for titles within one of our locations may find records for that location that have no actual items as they have been withdrawn since the order was placed.

Just in case anyone is following this thread - Jeremy's solution impacts WebPac - not the Sierra search module.
Ultimately I would like the Search search module to display how many "unpaid" orders we have attached to bib, rather than the total number of orders (paid and unpaid).
I am puzzled why other Libraries don't find the current display a workflow issue.


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