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  1. Ken Irwin
  2. Sierra/ Millennium/ Encore
  3. Monday, 01 October 2018
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Hello all,

I submitted a Sierra/Millennium enhancement request to the IdeaLab a few weeks ago. It’s gotten through the first hurdle but will need more views and votes to progress past the “crowd validation” stage. I’d like to ask you to review the
idea and vote on it in the IdeaLab, and to provide feedback if you have any:

Lightweight WebPAC tokens for responsive design


Currently, the limiter tokens likely to be used on the Advanced Search page (e.g. limit by language, scope, material type, dates, etc.) are big and bulky -- they return a lot of html, including wrapping page elements in tables, adding labels
to search elements, etc. This HTML-heavy response limits our ability to gracefully incorporate tokens into responsively-designed pages. Using tables for layout is so 2002; most of us avoid it at all costs.

I'm calling for the introduction of lightweight tokens that would return only the relevant form element and nothing else; these could exist in a backwards-compatible fashion with the current existing tokens.

This addition would allow maximum flexibility for libraries wishing to make their own decisions about layout, including for accessibility purposes. It will make it easier to accomplish responsive designs.

Read more at my full proposal.

I’d be grateful for your support or feedback on this idea. Because of way the IdeaLab is set up, getting feedback from a lot of people in the IdeaLab itself is important:


Many thanks!

Ken Irwin

Wittenberg University

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