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  1. Jennifer Faist
  2. Sierra/ Millennium/ Encore
  3. Monday, 07 May 2018
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Are you still using the LOC wwwoptions to present location maps? If so, could you provide a link to your catalog?

Are the maps being used by your patrons? I looked at our Google Analytics for our maps, and our usage seems to be fairly consistent. Since discovery layers don’t always play nice with this linking capability, perhaps that could affect usability?

Anyone used to use these wwwoptions and turned then off? If so, why?

Anyone using StackMap or any other dynamic maps?


Jennifer Faist
Library Systems and Digital Collections Administrator
ArtCenter College of Design

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Hi Jennifer,

We still use the LOC wwwoption in our catalog (http://catalog.libraries.wright.edu). We're linking to pdf floor maps. We see fairly consistent usage--not huge numbers, but enough to warrant keeping them in place.

Leigh Duncan
Wright State University

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