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  1. Andy Helck
  2. Sierra/ Millennium/ Encore
  3. Friday, 27 April 2018
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I just finished the IUG2018 and had a great time. My director asked me to look into the topic above and since nothing came up at the sessions its time to tap the collective wisdom of the forum. So here goes...

...perhaps this is more a question about QB Online then Sierra because I see that I can pull Invoice information from our vendors (Ingram, Baker & Taylor, etc.) using either SQL or the APIs and I am familiar with both of those approaches.

When I looked into this 3 years ago I came up against limitations imposed by QuickBooks on importing data. CSV files are nice but at the time Intuit's 'Import CSV' that did not include invoices. Instead a proprietary file format was required.

So does anybody already have a good solution, probably using a 3rd party vendor? Our existing workflow has the business office creating blank invoices in QB and then typing data off the printed invoices into QB to (re)create the invoice. A good improvement would be one where we run a query to create or update an external file and then click around in QB to import it. Even better would be a 'sync' solution where the invoices appear magically in QB, perhaps because of a scheduled task that runs the queries and pushes the data into QuickBooks.

In general I would appreciate any first hand experience with 3rd party apps to import data into QB Online. I see there are a handful of vendors providing solutions, so any recommendations are much appreciated.


Andy Helck
Wilkinson Public Library
Telluride Colorado

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