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  1. Laura Wright
  2. Sierra/ Millennium/ Encore
  3. Wednesday, 23 August 2017
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We just upgraded to Sierra 3.1

I've just been trying to create a review file by importing a list of checkin record numbers. All of these numbers came from a list I created and exported. My first import gave me a review file with many records saying they had been deleted years ago. The record numbers for these "records" were longer than any of our existing record numbers. I lopped off all the final (check) digits of the record numbers and re-imported. Some of the records imported and some, once again, were blank and "deleted."

Finally, I re-re-edited my text file and replaced all the final (check) digits with "a." This resulted in a clean import, creating the list I expected.

When I first started using Import Records I found I had to lop off the check digits, but with more recent versions of Sierra I haven't needed to. I've never needed to add the "a" before.

I also have not tested to see if this behavior is similar for other record types.

Has anyone else encountered anything like this?

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