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  1. Carissa Hernandez
  2. Sierra/ Millennium/ Encore
  3. Thursday, 11 May 2017
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Can someone please comment on the fields within an ERM record being indexed? We'd like to have the keywords within the Description field be searchable so that when a patron does a keyword search, words within this field will produce results. Is this typical of ERM records and how do we make it thus?
Also, when a patron is using the Advanced Keyword Search and limits their search to Material Type and/or Location, this causes ERM records to be discluded in the result set (because these pull from bibliographic record's fields). How can we have ERM records included when using Advanced Keyword Search? We'd like to be able to have patrons pull up one comprehensive list of all our electronic resources on a particular keyword or heading search and we'd usually do this by limiting to our material types "computer file", "electronic resource", and "eBook", and by limiting to our relevant Location, which is "Web resource", but because these are bib records field values, ERM records do not appear in the result list. How can we tweak our Advanced Keyword Search's search fields so that ERM records would appear in the result list? (We want patrons to only need to do just one search).
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Carissa, Have you looked at the Admin App? You can see what is included in your Advanced Keyword Search index there. Any changes to indexing need to be done by Innovative. We paid for the service to update our index and it was very complex. Good luck!

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