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  1. Monica Schultz
  2. Sierra/ Millennium/ Encore
  3. Thursday, 30 March 2017
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We're a consortium with 9 different jurisdictions, each with separate accounts with Baker & Taylor. B&T logs into our system to see if we have a record for each title we're buying from them, and if we do they put a 907 field in their record to overlay or match & attach. If they find a short record in the system, they give us the record in an overlay file, and if they find a full record they give us an attach file, and we use different load tables for the different files, one to overlay and one to match & attach.

The issue comes in when several of us are buying a particular title, and B&T does the processing for multiple jurisdictions before any of us loads a full record over our short acquisitions record. One jurisdiction will load their overlay file, then find they want to localize a record by adding a 246 or some note fields, and when the next jurisdiction loads their overlay file it blows away the other's localizations.

How have other consortia worked to resolve this problem?

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Our members have pretty much recognized the futility of localizing records. The only localizing we do is in 590 notes, which are a protected field. Even if the record doesn't get overlaid by a vendor, there's a good chance any record will get overlaid at some point in its lifetime.

Lloyd Chittenden
Union Catalog Coordinator
Marmot Library Network
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