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  1. Sheila Pychon
  2. Michigan IUG
  3. Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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Save the Date: Michigan Innovative Users Group (MIUG) Conference

**Please excuse any cross-posting**

Welcome everyone,

The Michigan Innovative Users Group (MIUG) 2020 conference is in the works. The date will be Friday, September 18 2020. Save the Date! For those who came to MIUG 2019, the conference will be held at the same location (Lansing Community College – West Campus.)

MIUG represents on opportunity for you and your colleagues to stay informed about Innovative, Sierra, and Polaris updates and news.

• Have you ever wanted to be one of the demonstrators or at least help present?
• Would you like to conduct a forum or help with one?
• Do you have a subject / area that you would love to learn more about?
• Do you know that charismatic person that loves to be a speaker to the people?
• Do you want to be a part of the board to plan this event? Still could use members.

We are looking for ideas to help make this a great conference experience for all. Please submit any ideas or recommendations you have as soon as possible. This is a great opportunity to network with your III peers.

We expect the pricing to be similar to last year. Lunch will be included.
Look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in September.
The date again is Friday, September 18 2020

Sheila Pychon
MIUG Chair

Find us at the MIUG website: http://miug.org

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