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  1. Gayle Hoover
  2. Eastern Canada IUG
  3. Saturday, 07 September 2019
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We are still accepting proposals for presentations during our meeting on Tuesday, October 8. At this time, the following topics have been proposed:
Automatic renewals
Sierra API Hackathon

Please use the attached form to submit your proposal. Suggested topics include:
• III Customer Support / new functionality
• Weeding
• More Polaris presentations
• MySQL workshop / SQL report-writing
• 3rd-party tools w/III products
• Best practices
• User experiences (migration to hosted, iTiva)
• Stats / create lists / other ways of reporting
• Access/User Services issues
• Technology / marketing ideas and the library
This is a wonderful professional development opportunity. Please consider showcasing your latest ideas, trends, and achievements so we can all learn and share within the Canadian III community.

Thank you!
Susan Hastings
Member Services Supervisor
Idea Exchange, Cambridge
519-621-0460 x132

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