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  1. Mieko Fujiura-Landers
  2. Wisconsin and Illinois IUG
  3. Wednesday, 01 November 2017
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We'll be migrating to Polaris soon and are interested in hearing about best practices for placing book club requests - multiple holds on a single bib for a single patron. Is there a way to request multiple copies at once or will staff have to place a hold for each copy needed?


  1. Wes Osborn
  2. 2 years ago
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PS You may find you get more responses if you post Polaris questions to the Polaris thread. If you don't have access to that forum section, reach out to the Innovative Users Group web master: webguru@innovativeusers.org

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This cannot be done by the patron, the staff have to place the hold multiple times and override an error message I believe.

Enhancement: 160930538181392 deals with improving the staff experience. Enhancement: 160930809929317 is for improving the patron experience.

As an aside, if the patron puts something on hold and it arrives on the hold shelf and then they put the same title on hold again (they're assuming they won't be able to finish the currently Held copy on time) their other "active/requested" hold will also be canceled once they check out the item on the hold shelf. Changing this behavior is enhancement: 160930799032615.

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