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  3. Friday, 22 November 2019
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Thanks to everyone who has already submitted an IUG 2020 program idea! It is going to be a great conference. But I’ve also heard that some of you need a little more time! So, we are giving you an early holiday present. The deadline for program submissions is now Dec 6, 2019!

Don’t forget! Program presenters and poster sessions are eligible for a discounted conference registration rate.

Please use the following link to submit your proposal:


Don’t want to submit a program, but would like to show off your work through a Poster Session?
Use this link for your submission: https://www.xcdsystem.com/iug/abstract/index.cfm?ID=jzIP0I4

Please keep in mind your membership must be up to date in order to submit a proposal.

Having trouble coming up with a program? Below are some ideas that attendees to IUG 2019 said they would like to see a program on in the future:

Practical sessions – on any part of the system! (cataloging, acquisition, circulation, Decision Center, etc…)

SQL – many members are still learning SQL – how are you using it in your library?

Statistics – What statistics are available – how are you using them at your library?

Create Lists! - there are a lot of us still trying to learn how to use create lists effectively

“How my library does it” – are you doing something different – or unique at your library? Let everyone else know about it!

Workflow – How are you using your ILS to help create workflow efficiencies

Print templates!

New and creative things at your library – have you gone fine free? How did you do it? Redesign your website? Implemented a new service?

How-to sessions - there are always new attendees who are just learning to use the system, learning from someone who is already using the system is one of the best things about the IUG conference.

While you won’t get a discounted conference registration rate, there are other ways to be involved in IUG 2020:

You can also submit a Birds of a Feather meeting using this link: https://www.xcdsystem.com/iug/abstract/index.cfm?ID=DHd7sTV

I'm looking forward to seeing you at IUG 2020!

Rhonda Glazier
IUG Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect 2019 - 20

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