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  1. Renee Brumett
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  3. Tuesday, 19 March 2019
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I'm excited to share that we've made great progress on a new website for IUG. In fact, we're in the home stretch! We are hoping to go live with the new site on April 1 (I know, I know, we're asking for trouble on April Fool's Day...).

In order to make the final transition, we will need to disable posting to the IUG forums and logging into the website on Friday, March 29. They will be unavailable Friday through Sunday and enabled once the new website goes live on Monday the 1st. I apologize for the inconvenience but hopefully it won't be too disruptive.

A few highlights of the new website:

  • updated look and feel
  • responsive design (no more finger gymnastics to login from your mobile device)
  • improved navigation
  • better integration of forums
  • improved site searching
  • improved membership management and site subscriptions
  • improved user experience for managing content
  • improved security and infrastructure
  • sustainable database maintenance (less custom code and more standardized back end tools)

I'd like to publicly thank our volunteers on the website redesign committee:
Mohamed Ragheb, IUG Webmaster, Cuyahoga County Public Library
Susan Johns-Smith, IUG Steering Committee Member-at-Large, Pittsburg State University
Sean Cwiek, Midwest Collaborative for Library Services
Maisam Nouh, The Ferguson Library

I appreciate the efforts of the steering committee members to edit and update several content areas as well as Phil Shirley's work on the forums. I would also like to acknowledge the great work of Lee Tempest from Storm Creative. While he's not a volunteer, he's been great to collaborate with and responsive to our needs.

Thank you!
Renee Brumett
IUG Chair

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