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  3. Wednesday, 05 April 2017
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If you have an idea for hackathon 2018 please reply to this post with your idea.

if you don't have an idea to share but saw an idea submitted by someone else that you like, please vote for it by clicking the Thumb up button.

by next year we will look at those ideas and pick the most favorite ones to challenge some teams for implementation during the IUG 2018 hackathon.


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I'm not going to the IUG2018 hackathon so I thought I'd share a couple of ideas, for whatever they're worth (who knows, maybe somebody has already done something like these):

• Given an item barcode, give staff information that helps them make decisions on weeding it (if they're considering that) or replacing it (if it's missing or in bad condition). This could include circ count for that item and other items on the bib, date created, cat date, number of holds, whether it's in a series and whether other titles in the series are held, etc.

• Send patrons notices when their account is about to expire and give them a form to submit updated information.

I've also thought about a lot of automated reports like checking for data integrity (does the itype go with the item location, etc.), but maybe those aren't really what the hackathon is for.

Happy hacking!


Phil Shirley
Technology Services Coordinator
Cuyahoga Falls Library
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