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  1. Kathleen Schweitzberger
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  3. Tuesday, 16 August 2016
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I would like opinions on whether the membership thinks this format is working for good discussion and solutions to problems and issues with using III products. Maybe the Steering Committee should do a survey?

I don't think it is working as well. I get the email notifications and do then go over and see if there are any responses but I am seeing lots of questions without any responses. I think people read the email but aren't going over to the forum.

My boss who is younger than me actually commented that forums, Google groups, actually remind him of going back to the bulletin board discussions of the late 80s and early 90s. And he (and I) remember how excited everyone was with discussion lists.

Any thoughts?

Kathleen Schweitzberger
Head, Cataloging and Preservation
ILS Coordinator
University of Missouri-Kansas City
  1. Guest
  2. 2 years ago
  3. #730
Hi Phil and all,
I totally agree with all that Tina wrote (2 days ago, can't see date). The listserv was much more convenient and I avoid the Forum completely.
The steering committee work is much appreciated and it is a shame to put so much effort into something that people don't seem to like or want to use.
Isla Jordan, Systems Librarian
Carleton University Library
  1. Tina Buck
  2. 2 years ago
  3. #729
Hi Phil, and all,
The email list was easy to monitor. I could see from a subject line or a quick scan of the email if the topic was of immediate interest, if it was something I wanted to put in a folder for later, or if it was something to forward to a colleague. None of that is easy to do with the forum. Also, the emails came to me; I didn't need to remember to go to an external site. In addition, the forum is clunky to scan through and sort. It's not (to me) easy to see who is posting; there are some people whose posts I would read on most topics, just because they are so knowledgeable. Searching is only useful if you're looking for something very specific. Finally, there's less activity because, IMHO, a lot of people seem to find the forum less useful than the email list.

I appreciate the steering committee's work and efforts! And thanks very much for follow up.

p.s. also, it can be hard to post on the forum. I've been getting a JSON error message for five minutes and can't get around it. ("Unexpected token I in JSON at position 0")

Tina Herman Buck
Electronic Resources Librarian
University of Central Florida Libraries


  1. Phil Shirley
  2. 2 years ago
  3. #728
Thanks for your comments, Tina. We've gotten custom programming to make a number of improvements to the forum, and we can do more. Could you tell me some of the things you don't like and how they might be improved?

There were a number of considerations in the steering committee's decision to replace the listserv with the forum, though it was precipitated by the fact that the server needed to be replaced. The forum has features that the list didn't have, and we've done a lot toward replicating functionality from the list. If there's something you wish the forum could do, I'd be glad to try to get that functionality added.


  1. Tina Buck
  2. 2 years ago
  3. #727
I'm coming back to IUG as a soon-to-be Sierra librarian (we're migrating from Aleph in a few months.) I was at a Milllennium library a couple years ago and used the listserv all the time. This forum is so much less useful and so much hard to use. Please go back to the listserv!

Tina Buck
University of Central Florida

Totally agree
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