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  3. Friday, 13 October 2017
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Make the smart choice by exploring opportunities with the Stark County District Library! The Stark County District Library - The Smart Store, where everything is free® – is a store of knowledge with an abundance of resources at your fingertips…all for free!

Stark County District Library is seeking an ILS Coordinator[/b] to join their growing IT department. This role will be uniquely positioned to have an oversized impact on the organization as they will be involved in a number of key strategic initiatives over the next several years.

The ILS Coordinator will lead an evaluation of the library’s current ILS and affiliated software/services, developing recommendations regarding prospective platform migrations and feature development to achieve library objectives. They will help deliver new patron-facing ILS services including automated renewals, automated holds, improved search, and increased collection discoverability. Additionally, the ILS Coordinator will be a key team member for upcoming system-wide projects including the implementation of RFID, automated materials handling, and new data analytics tools.

If you believe you may be a good fit for one of these unique positions or know someone who would be, please go to The Smart Store® website - http://www.starklibrary.org - for more information and to complete an employment application. Go to “Contact Us” and then “Employment” for access to our on-line application.

Position Description
An employee serving in this position advances the mission of the Library by supervising the operation of the system wide Integrated Library System (ILS). The ILS Coordinator holds the primary day-to-day responsibility for maintaining the function of the ILS and associated software, services, equipment, processes, and vendors. The position reports to the Information Technology Director but has considerable latitude in the application of professional practices, and may be consulted to advise and resolve difficult or unusual problems. They will work in close coordination with a team of other individuals including the circulation staff, cataloging staff, web and digital presence staff, IT staff, and others to ensure the accuracy, reliability, and usability of the ILS.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
• General
o Demonstrates superior seamless customer service, integrity, and commitment to innovation, efficiency and fiscally responsible activity
o Formulates goals, plans and procedures, and accepts responsibility for the overall effectiveness of a system-wide library function
o Seeks information from relevant users and potential users within their functional area about the users’ library needs and interests
o May participate in library committee work by chairing meetings or contributing as a member
o Develops and monitors the budget connected to their area
o Represents the library to agencies, organizations and the community in a positive and professional manner
o Actively seeks opportunities to promote the Library with the goal of increasing public use of programs and resources, and enhancing the Library’s visibility as a vital community partners
o Resolves customer problems
o Works more than forty hours in a workweek without additional compensation to perform assigned job duties
• ILS Vendor Management: Maintains contracts, ensures software updates, coordinates planned maintenance, and arranges support calls for ILS-related systems including:
o Base ILS system and add-on modules (currently III Sierra)
o Discovery layer systems (currently III Encore)
o Add-on catalog enrichment services (currently Syndetics and Novelist)
o Interlibrary loan partnerships (currently SearchOhio, OhioLink)
o Auto-dialer notification system (currently Itiva)
o ILS-attached hardware
 Self-check machines
 Material dispensers and lockers
 Material security gates
 Security strip magnetizers and de-magnetizers
• ILS Administration
o Maintains the ILS and monitor performance, identifying and resolving problems when necessary
o Develops and implements maintenance procedures and daily runtime procedures
o Writes and keeps up-to-date detailed documentation of procedures and report functionality
o Confirms correct operation by conducting tests, adapting to new requirements and modifying code, procedures, or configurations when necessary
o Ensures ILS security and network access in coordination with IT staff
o Controls database access and security; implements connections to third-party systems and APIs
o Administers (or coordinates the administration) of Linux servers for the Library’s integrated library software system, including scripting back-ups, performing upgrades, and monitoring system performance
o Performs project management for ILS related projects
o Administer Search Ohio and Ohio Link partnerships
o Maintains database and system backups
• Internal ILS Support
o Provides excellent and timely internal customer service, responding to employee questions, concerns and help requests
o Proactively identifies solutions to the changing needs of staff, managers, and patrons
o Encourages input from staff members on how the ILS can be improved
• Data & Automation
o Works collaboratively with the public service/circulation and cataloging staff to ensure accuracy and reliability of the data and rules maintained within the ILS
o Works in close coordination with organizational effectiveness resources to generate data, reports, and integrations needed to provide timely data and analysis to decision-makers
o Develops, documents, monitors, and troubleshoots scripts and queries for loading, extracting, and displaying of patron, item, transaction, and bibliographic record data
o Looks for opportunities to expedite or automate common ILS-related activities and data manipulation functions
• User Experience & Discovery
o Works collaboratively with web and digital staff to customize and configure discovery layer, mobile app, and other public catalog interfaces in order to optimize user experience and maximize relevance of search results
o Works closely with web and digital presence staff to customize and configure self-check and other ILS-attached patron-facing devices in order to optimize user experience
o Works closely with web and digital staff to evaluate and implement emerging technologies to enable increased discovery of collection items through search engines and other online platforms

Minimum Qualifications - Education and Experience
A Bachelor’s degree in library science, computer science or an associated discipline is required; the attainment of a Master’s degree or other relevant additional certifications is preferred. A minimum of five years experience in ILS administration, database administration, or administration of other mission critical line-of-business systems is required.

Other combinations of experience and education may be substituted, should the candidate demonstrate the ability to meet the necessary selection factors and qualifications.

Selection Factors – Required
Ability to:
• Ability to create scripts to export data in various formats (XML, CSV, Excel, etc.).
• Communicate in the English language by phone or in person in a one-to-one or group setting
• Communicate effectively, using good verbal and written skills
• Produce written documents with clearly organized thoughts using proper sentence construction, punctuation, and grammar
• Work proactively individually and with team members to attain solutions
• Comprehend and make inferences from written material
• Analyze professional problems and take appropriate action
• Troubleshoot complex issues with systems and data and to implement solutions
• Interpret user requests in order to identify and address root needs
• Maintain a high level of attention to detail
• Comprehend, use and apply current technology in a public library setting
• Keep up-to-date with current professional issues, developments, and technology
• Be self-motivated for independent work. Strong ability to research and develop solutions
• Work in a changing environment, adapt to changing work priorities, weigh competing demands
• Provide leadership within their area of expertise, championing new ideas and solutions that benefit the library, staff, and patrons
• Maintain regular and reliable attendance. Observing a flexible schedule including nights and weekends when necessary
• Be “on call” 24/7 for emergency response to production system problems (IT helpdesk may help field level 1 calls in off hours)
Demonstrated Experience with:
• Developing and maintaining scripts (or other tools) to automate tasks
• Using Perl or similar C-family scripting language
• Developing custom SQL queries and reports
• Linux shell scripting
• Basic website technologies: HTML/CSS/XML/JavaScript
• Using APIs to update databases
• Working with software vendors to troubleshoot system problems and outages

Selection Factors – Preferred
Knowledge of:
• Library data, including bibliographic record structures and core library operations, such as circulation, cataloging, and discovery.
• Principles and practices of library automation systems (including but not limited to RFID and automated materials handling systems)
• Principles and practices of public library operation, professional library theories, issues, and trends
Demonstrated Experience with:
• Linux system administration experience including performing system back-ups and upgrades
• Database querying for an Integrated Library System (Innovative Interfaces Sierra
• Classic .ASP or .NET framework.
• Advanced website technology skills: Mojolicious, jQuery, Docker, nginx, PHP, SOLR
• Integrating with data analytics platforms (OB Savannah, Tableau, MS Power BI)
• LEAN, Kaizen, or other methods for planning or improving processes
• Integrating with collection management platforms (Collection HQ, Lyngsoe IMMS)
Additional Requirements
• Position requires the use of personal vehicles. Individual must be physically capable of operating the vehicles safely, possess a valid driver's license and have an acceptable driving record.
• Position may require the performance of other essential and marginal functions.
Physical Requirements
• The library environment involves everyday risks or discomforts that require normal safety precautions typical of offices, which includes the need for general safe workplace practices with office equipment and computers, avoidance of trips and falls, and observance of fire regulations
• Lift light objects (less than 20 pounds) and carry them short distances (20 feet or less)
• Remain in a standing or seated position for extended periods of time while performing a variety of tasks
• Perform repetitive hand, arm, and body movements, which may include lifting books on a continuous basis for up to an eight-hour shift.

The intent of this position description is to provide a representative summary of the major duties and responsibilities performed by an individual working in this job. Employees may be requested to perform job-related tasks other than those specifically presented in this description.

About The Stark County District Library - The Smart Store, where everything is free®
Stark County District Library serves over 105,000 active cardholders, annually circulating 3.85 million items from its 1.4 million item collection and providing access to an additional 66 million items from lending networks throughout Ohio. Each year the library presents more than 9,000 programs for 170,000 attendees and provides 260,000 computer sessions on the publicly available computers found in each branch. The system consists of ten branches, including our main library, as well as a mobile services department.

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