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  1. Robert Colbaugh
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  3. Wednesday, 21 June 2017
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I'm looking for some advice on the practicality of INN-Reach for small to medium sized Sierra public libraries. I'd like to know if it's been effective at meeting ILL needs in such institutions? How much staff time was required to implement? How does it differ from III's Interlibrary Loan product? In general, has it been worth the costs? Any advice or comments would be appreciated. Thanks

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Hi Robert,

I don't know if you've received any off-list responses but wanted to share a little bit with you from our experience. I think every system using Inn-reach is probably going to be different. The benefits really depend a lot on who you are connected with.

I'm in a large-ish public library (10 branches, pop served 280,000) and we've been part of an Inn-Reach group (MOBIUS) since 2003 -- mostly other academic libraries in Missouri, but the last several years have seen additions of other public libraries in the region and a connection with a large mixed-type consortium in Colorado as well.

Every year we reduce the amount of traditional ILL as our patrons use Inn-reach borrowing. Currently traditional ILL is 10% or less of our total borrowing.

I can't really speak to staff time to implement, there are so many factors involved. As far as how it differs from the ILL module, it's beyond comparison. Inn-Reach is so much easier to use for both staff and patrons. It's very similar to just lending and borrowing between a branch as opposed to a completely separate library system. We still use the iLL module for traditional lending and borrowing and it takes exponentially more time for staff and patrons.

It has been well worth the cost for us and we would be crippled without it now, but again, it will depend on who you're connected to via Inn-Reach. I'm happy to answer anything else I can.


Renee Brumett
Springfield-Greene County Library
Springfield, MO

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