Forum Etiquette

The IUG forum is an unmoderated forum open to anyone interested in discussing the automation of library services with systems and products from Innovative Interfaces, Inc.

Topics discussed focus on implementation issues, hardware platforms, telecommunications, system management, the online catalog and related services, and library staff functions --- cataloging, circulation, acquisitions and serials control. Use of the forum for a variety of purposes is encouraged, including asking questions, conducting surveys, posting minutes, announcing news of local projects, and exchanging opinions. Job postings for Innovative libraries are also welcome.

In addition, the IUG Steering Committee and its designees use the forum to communicate information regarding IUG programs and services.

The sub-category of Polaris is closed to those users of Polaris. However, the remainder of the IUG forum is open to anyone who wishes to subscribe (e.g., Innovative customers and staff, non-Innovative customers, and Innovative's competitors). Because of the open nature of the forum, please be mindful that subscribers have a responsibility to help maintain the confidentiality of III's proprietary information concerning the system. The IUG Steering Committee reserves the right to moderate the forum should conditions warrant [e.g. continuance of inappropriate threads, security concerns, etc.]. The Steering Committee will send notice to the forum whenever the forum becomes moderated and when it returns to open access.

Subscribers who send inappropriate messages to the forum will be contacted by the forum manager and/or Steering Committee and asked to halt the offending behavior. Further infractions will cause the subscriber to be either unsubscribed or otherwise blocked from further posting.

The forum includes subscribers from around the world. Please be considerate of posters for whom English is a second language. A number of Regional Users Groups exist to serve the needs of IUG members outside of North America and may be in a better position to assist members who are not conversant in English.

Below are some do's and don'ts of the IUG forum. If in doubt regarding the appropriateness of a particular message, consult the forum manager and/or the IUG Steering Committee.

It is recommended that you contact the Innovative Help Desk or your local system administrator with problems or questions about your system before you post to the forum. The Help Desk is staffed with many qualified individuals who are trained to troubleshoot system problems. They have detailed information about your system (software version, hardware used) and are trained to solve your problems.

You may also post problems to the forum but keep in mind that what works in one library may not necessarily work in another due to slight software and hardware variations. Always include your software version in your message.

Treat private e-mail from Innovative staff as confidential information as you would any other publication from the company. It is okay to summarize key points from the message or to simply say that the help desk staff helped you solve a similar problem without mentioning specific staff member names. It is also okay to refer to your call tracking number so that other sites may use that information when contacting Innovative. Innovative staff work in teams and singling out one member of the staff in a public forum inhibits their ability to work as a team.

Do not post Innovative's "private e-mail list" messages to the forum. These include Innovative's Load Profile, WebBridge, MetaFind, and Beta testers' listservs. Innovative set up the private e-mail lists in response to requests from the user community to be more proactive in notifying customers of updates and news from Innovative. When you signed up for their e-mail list, you agreed not to distribute messages outside your library staff. Please help us continue to foster the open communication paths between Innovative and us, their customers, and respect the terms of the information distributed via Innovative's private e-mail list.

Don't quote sections of the User Manual to the forum. If you found something useful in the manual that you want to share, simply give the release number of the manual you are using and, if appropriate, the page number in your message.

Be careful when explaining where to make system changes. It may be enough to simply say "make the change in the Systems Options table for Circulation" rather than giving a road map to the systems options area from the main menu. This may cause a system security breach if passwords are compromised on your system.

Reply off-forum if your response falls into one of these categories:

  • Your response is personal in nature.
  • Your response falls into the "Me too" category.
  • Your response reflects personalized features of your system. If you are using specific features of the system in a way that is different than the majority of users, you may confuse the issue more than help it.

Advertisements are inappropriate, although comments on various software and hardware used by Innovative Users within the context of the discussion is allowed. Vendors may discuss their products in the same context.

The IUG forum is not a forum for the discussion of individuals opinions on cultural, political, religious, or social matters. There are many other online communities to which these types of discussions should be redirected.

You may discuss enhancements in general terms of things you would like to see the system do. However, enhancements proposed and discussed on the Idea Lab platform will receive more notice from Innovative staff and will also allow you to discuss proprietary system issues in more detail.

If you have a question about a specific enhancement issue, contact one of the Enhancements Coordinators at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Do not repost messages you have received via another source [listserv, individuals, etc.] unless you have obtained the permission of both the poster of the original message and the IUG Forum Manager.

IUG Forum Manager

IUG Steering Committee