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  1. Samantha Yeung
  2. Sierra/ Millennium/ Encore
  3. Tuesday, 12 July 2016
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Our library uses Comprise Technologies' Smart Terminals with 3M self-check machines to process fines and fees payments.. We are currently in the middle of revising our credit card refund procedures and wonder if any library has an established procedure to issue a partial refund to the patron's credit card.

Here is a scenario:
Patron A paid $25 on the self-check machine and later learned that she should not have paid for one of the twenty three items in that transaction. After determining that is a legitimate refund, we would like to issue a $6.00 refund to her credit card.

We are very interested in how you process these partial refund requests.
•Do you allow refund of replacement fees paid on self-check machines?
•Can you block replacement fees on your self-check machines?
•Will you be willing to share your procedure?

Comprise SmartPay Portal seems to only allow me to credit the single transaction of $25. Our eCommerce runs on PayPal and it would allow a partial refund, the Smart Money Manager POS also allow a partial refund. If you are running Comprise's credit card terminals with your self-check machines, I would like to know if you are successful in issuing a partial refund. Thanks in advanced for your willingness to share your process.

Best regards,

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