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  1. Karen Perone
  2. Sierra/ Millennium/ Encore
  3. Thursday, 15 August 2019
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I can't remember the exact message you're referring to, but if a patron
doesn't have an email address, the item is still renewed (or not, if
holds on it or the maximum # renewals has been reached). In the case
where they don't have an email address, it is lumped in with all the
other courtesy notices to be sent that day in one email to the library.
This is why we encourage patrons to give us an email or text number
(text numbers are formatted as email addresses in our system).

Karen Perone kperone@rodmanlibrary.com
Head of Technology and Technical Services
Rodman Public Library voice: 330-821-2665 x101
215 E. Broadway Street fax: 330-821-5053
Alliance, OH 44601 http://www.rodmanlibrary.com

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> Hi Karen,
> I saw your reply about Auto Renewals and I was just wondering if you
> have experienced any issues with items not renewing because the patron
> did not have an email address?
> Thank you,
> Jennifer Luayon
> San Jose Public Library
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