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New IUG website -- no foolin'!

Happy April 1! No, it's not fake news. We really do have a new website! Same URL: innovativeusers.org Yes, we still need to make a few tweaks to function and content. Yes, there will be a few technical problems. But that's ok, that's how websit...
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Welcome to the IUG Forum

The IUG provides a forum where you can discuss things related to Innovative software as well as sharing tips and tricks, files, etc. The forum took the place of the IUG listserv, and it offers the best of both worlds: You can subscribe to the forum b...
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Coming soon: New IUG Website!

I'm excited to share that we've made great progress on a new website for IUG. In fact, we're in the home stretch! We are hoping to go live with the new site on April 1 (I know, I know, we're asking for trouble on April Fool's Day...). In order to...
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Library Value on checkout receipts

If anyone is printing the value of patrons' loans (like a Library Value Calculator) on their checkout receipts in Sierra, we'd love to hear how you did it. Thanks. Joe Thornton Manager, Automation Services Upper Hudson Library System 28 Ess...
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Birds of a Feather - IUG 2019 - 8 days left to sign up!

Hi, Don't miss out on a great opportunity to connect with a Birds of a Feather (BOF) session at IUG 2019. Birds of a Feather sessions are a way to carve out a time to get together with like-minded people and draw on the expertise of your colleagues ...
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RE: IUG Membership Renewal Notification - 14 days

IUG Membership Renewal Notification - 14 days Is there a way for me to get a quote or invoice? I need to know what the amount is we need to pay, so I can get approval. Melissa Vickers Information Technology Manager Yakima Va...
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Just a few more IUG forum note takers needed!

It's me again! Update: Thanks to all who have already volunteered to take notes at the IUG forums. I have updated the list below to include the forums that still need note takers. Much thanks! __________________________________________________...
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Job Posting: User Experience Specialist

We are very excited to be adding a User Experience Specialist to our team to help our consortium make evidence-based decisions when it comes to our catalog and other member- and patron-facing tools. CCS is a consortium of 26 public libraries in the n...
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Idea Lab and IUG

The Public Services Smorgasbord Challenge may be over but as ever the Always Open Challenge is going strong. Here are just a few of the ideas currently on the cusp of graduating, all they need are a bit more feedback from the community: Ability t...
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Tax Day, wait, I mean IUG 2019 standard registration deadline

April 15 is a day for deadlines... It's also Rubber Eraser Day and Glazed Spiral Ham Day. Who knew? But most importantly, Monday is the last day to register (at the standard rate) for the unparalleled conference experience that will be IUG 2019...
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Job Opening - Systems and Cataloging Librarian - Philadelphia

Please consider coming to work at Jenkins Law Library, where I have worked for over 34 years. As you can see by the many years I have worked here – this is an awesome place! Why do I want you to consider this move now? I will be retiring at the en...
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WebPAC left menu

Hello, For some reason when you click "my account" in our WebPAC, the menu on the left of the screen changes. We are getting a lot of spam coming though a comments form linked there. I can't figure out where it is pulling that menu from ...
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Seeking additional note takers for IUG forums

Thanks to all who volunteered to take notes at the forums. Here are the forums where we still need note takers! _______________________________________________________________________________________ Going to IUG? Got great note-taking skills...
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IUG memories

I realized some of you might not be aware that we have photo albums in our Facebook page from past conferences, it goes back to IUG 1993 which is our first IUG Conference up to IUG 2018. So I thought to share the link down below to those memories ...
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Job Posting: Electronic Resources & Metadata Librarian at Widener University, Wolfgram Memorial Library

The Wolfgram Memorial Library at Widener University is seeking an Electronic Resources & Metadata Librarian to manage the discovery and description of and access to the library’s growing collection of electronic resources. Reporting to the Head of Te...
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Reading levels, and scopes for limiting by location

We're considering doing a couple of things, and I'm trying to get an idea of how many libraries out there do them. If you do these things, could you tell me about how big your library is? We're a single-building library with about 150,000 bib records...
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Mobile Hotspots for Circulation - Legal-ish Qs

Happy 2019, Apologies cross-posting this (going to several lists). I am following up with folks who provided me info on circulating mobile hotspots. We received a grant (hooray!) and are going to roll out 20 Kajeet SmartSpot 900 hotspots in tim...
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Bib Record Number in Pathfinder Pro

For all of your Pathfinder Pros out there...is it possible to define a Field Selector for the bibliographic record number to be included in the generated URL? gferguson@ucsd.edu...
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Experiencing Major Remote Access Volatility Since Move To Hosted

Would appreciate some help or input on if anyone has heard of a similar issue or been through it themselves. We moved from hosting our server here on campus to a migration in the cloud with a III Hosted setup in Mid-December. The migration went s...
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Bring Back [IUG] as Email Subject Header

Before the forum was migrated, the subject line of email messages for posts, comments and replies began with the text: [IUG]. Now the subject line for forum emails no longer contain this header. Is it possible to bring that back? I was using that tex...
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IUG 2019: Uploading your presentation

Hello, As you work on your presentation, we wanted to send a quick friendly reminder with the link to the program materials page: https://www.innovativeusers.org/conferences/iug-2019-conference/program-materials Within this page, you'll find...
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Northwest IUG Annual Meeting

Hi Everyone! This year is flying by! It is time to start planning for the annual Northwest IUG meeting. We are looking for a host for this years meeting. This is a great opportunity for us to all to get together to meet, share processes and see ...
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Come for the conference, stay for the cotton candy

If you'll be joining us for IUG 2019 in Phoenix (and I hope you will!), I am confident you will be pleased with the conference venue. The Sheraton Grand Phoenix is a lovely hotel with great rooms, meeting space, and dining. When I first visited th...

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