IUG Idea Lab Team

The Idea Lab Team work at IUG member libraries and have a strong familiarity with different components of the Polaris and Sierra systems.

Idea Lab Team members play a crucial role in helping Idea Lab participants make the best possible case for their proposed enhancements.

Moderators help idea authors clarify the value and purpose of their ideas. Moderators keep the conversation going by connecting similar ideas and soliciting comments from the community.

Expert Reviewers assess ideas that have passed a certain threshold of votes and comments for assess overall value, need, and feasibility.

Roles are not fixed: Idea Lab Team members might be a moderator on one challenge and an expert reviewer on another.

Interested in joining the team?  Recruitment occurs each April/May around the time of the annual conference, and is open to anyone from an IUG member organization.

For more information, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Leadership Team

 Name   Organization Or Library  Role   Term Ends
 Jeremy Goldstein   Minuteman Library Network   Co-Coordinator  2022
 Eleanor Crumblehulme  SILS   Co-Coordinator  2023
 Kathy Setter  IFLS Library System    2022


Polaris Team

 Name   Organization Or Library Term Ends
 Jessie Bach  Marigold Library System  2023 
 Beth Bechtel  Bridges Library System  2023
 Alissa Dornink Hawes  Ames Public Library   2022 
 Robin Dye  Kitsap Regional Library   2022 
 Paul Keith  Chicago Public Library  2023
 Jamie King  Niles-Maine District Library  2023
 Beth Lane  Regina Public Library  2023
 Marian McCollum  LS&S  2022
 Kathy McKinney  Farmington Community Library  2023
 Sharon O'Brien  MVLS/SALS  2022
 Lynne Price  Marigold Library System  2022
 Sara Scodius  Northbrook Public Library  2022
 Erin Shield  North Olympic Library System  2022
 Elaine Sloan  Lynx Consortium / Boise Public Library  2023
 Cecilia Smiley  Lee County Library System  2021
 Sarah St. Martin  GMILCS  2023
 Jeff Tate  Wichita Public Library  2023
 Jason Tenter  SILS  2022
 Stephanie Thero  Yellowhead Regional Library (TRAC)  2023
 Tracey Thompson  Pierce County Library System  2022


Sierra Team

 Name  Organization Or Library  Term Ends
 Kimberly Allen  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill  2022
 Susan Ashby  University of Akron  2022
 Lindsey Bray  Omaha Public Library  2022 
 Shawn Farrell  Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County  2022
 James Fortsas  Cook County Law Library  2022
 Sarah Frieldsmith  Sacramento Public Library   2023 
 Xuemei (Sherry) Ge  Tennessee State University   2022 
 Roz Goldstein  Widener University, Wolfgram Memorial Library  2023
 Adam Hornsey  Deakin University Library  2023
 Kristina Johnston  Gail Borden Public Library  2023
 Beth Juhl  University of Arkansas Libraries  2022
 Stephanie Kaceli  Cairn University  2022
 Kanta Kapoor  Milton Public Library  2023
 Eileen Keller  Suffolk Cooperative Library System  2023
 Sundari Kishore  Princeton Public Library  2023
 Laura Lazaraton  Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County  2022
 Scott Matheson  Yale Law Library  2022
 Jennifer Nicolotti  Tulsa City-County Library  2023
 Amanda Payne  Araphoe Libraries  2022
 Paivi Rentz  Texas State University  2022
 Dorothea Richards  Kent State University  2023
 Jason Thomale University of North Texas Libraries  2023
 Nicole Turzillo  Suffolk Cooperative Library System  2022
 Lynn Uhlman  Maine InfoNet  2023
 Alex Vancina  Helen Plum Library  2022
 Sheryl VanderWagen  Lakeland Library Cooperative  2023
 Diane Ward  Pima County Public Library  2022
 Joy Wiser  Mountain View Public Library  2023
 Annette Woods  Stark County District Library  2023
 Elizabeth Wright  Vancouver Island Regional Library  2023