IUG 2022 Election Results

The term for each position begins on Friday, April 8, 2022, the last day of the upcoming virtual IUG conference.

 Vice chair/ Chair-Elect

wes osborn take 2

Wes Osborn 

Library Type: Consortia (Central Library Consortium)

Candidate Statement:  I currently serve as the Executive Director of the Central Library Consortium, but previously was the ILS Administrator. In my time with the Central Library Consortium, I have migrated ten different ILS systems to our Polaris environment and helped the organization grow from 8 members to 17 members. I have presented at most of the user’s groups conferences I have attended covering topics such as: custom reporting, system monitoring, cloud computing, privacy and security and API development. I co-chair our regional users group conference which typically has around 100 attendees.

 I have attended users group conferences since I was 18 and owe many of my successes directly to the information and inspiration, I received from other user group members. If elected, I hope to help continue the tradition of creating a welcoming environment that encourages sharing and helping libraries get the most out of their technology investments to make meaningful impacts in their communities.

Member at Large (3)

Derek Brown headshot

Derek Brown

Library Type: Public (Rochester Hills Public Library)

Candidate Statement:  I'm currently the Director of IT and Building Services for the Rochester Hills Public Library (Rochester, MI) which serves the largest service population in Oakland County (second largest county in Michigan). We are a Polaris environment (on-premise) that plans on migrating our on-premise PAC to Vega in 2022. I'm responsible for being the System Administrator for our Polaris Environment, an active IUG member (former IUG member-at-large), PIAC member, and LEAP working group partner. My thorough background in information technology allows me to look at library systems with a different viewpoint. I have been a member-at-large in the past and enjoy giving back to fellow members by assisting the Innovative Users Group. Thank you for your consideration.

SarahFrieldsmith second headshot

Sarah Frieldsmith

Library Type: Academic (University of San Diego)

Candidate Statement:   INNOPAC, then Millennium, then Sierra, oh my! When I vote, I look for someone that has a wide range of experience with the tools that my library uses, that would be best able to press forward on issues that matter to my library. I am running for Member-at-Large because I bring both academic and public library perspectives to the IUG. I'm familiar with the library as the heart of the campus and as the heart of the public community.

I am fortunate to be the Systems Librarian for the University of San Diego, where we wrestle with Sierra and reserves, and SAML, and student accounts. I also have over a decade of experience with Sierra and Millennium in a public library consortium setting, wrangling hold queues and new releases in all the formats. I’ve worked in a position where there was ample training, a position with time and resources for custom programming, and a position where I learned on the fly and did what I could with what they had. I used INNOPAC way back in the days before I knew I wanted to be a librarian when I grew up.

I love learning and enjoy challenges. I’m intrigued by Polaris happenings and regularly read through the threads on Discord and look at the upcoming development on the support site. My varied background enables me to look for commonalities between libraries and push for the resources that have the greatest impact.

stephanie ruhe headshot

Stephanie Ruhe

Library Type: Public (Springfield-Greene County Library)

Candidate Statement:   My current position is ILS Administrator at Springfield-Greene County Library, a 10-branch public library system serving a population of approximately 275,000 in southwest Missouri. I am responsible for maintaining our suite of Innovative software and coordinating integration between the ILS and other technology initiatives, working both with vendors and our internal IT team.

My work in libraries began, however, in public services (also at SGCL) in 2004. I worked in a number of public-facing roles before moving to the “back of the house” in 2012 as an associate to the ILS administrator, right as SGCL migrated from Millennium to Sierra. I remained in that role until 2016, when I was fortunate to have the opportunity to join the staff at MOBIUS - a large, multi-type consortium of Innovative libraries - as Systems Librarian/OPAC Specialist, before returning to SGCL earlier this year and taking on my current position.

In each of these roles, I have benefited greatly from the wisdom and camaraderie of the IUG community and have seen firsthand the value participating brings to individual institutions, as well as collectively to the Innovative customer base. In the past, I have been privileged to serve as a functional expert under the legacy enhancement system, as a moderator for Idea Lab challenges, and served on the program committee for the 2018 IUG Conference. Given the opportunity to serve as a Member-at-Large of the IUG Steering Committee, I would strive to foster the spirit of collaboration that drives our collective success.