IUG 2021 Election Results

The term for each position begins on Thursday, March 25, 2021, the last day of the upcoming virtual IUG conference.

Vice Chair/Chair-Elect
Maisam NouhMaisam Nouh
Library Type: Public (The Ferguson Library)

Candidate Statement: My name is Maisam Nouh. I have been working at Stamford, Connecticut’s public library, The Ferguson Library, for the past 20 years, during which time I earned my MLS. I started as a page and I worked my way up to become the information technology supervisor. I began my IT career installing updates on the library’s OPACs, I now oversee all IT activities from maintaining the backend of the library’s website to managing voice and data systems, implementing RFID technology, and serving as the ILS administrator. I also work with all third-party vendors whose services integrate in any way with the ILS. In my role as ILS administrator, the Ferguson Library became a current development partner for Vega and a beta partner for Sierra, Mobile Work List, and Decision Center.

I have been on the Steering Committee for the past two years as a member-at-large, serving as co-coordinator of the Idea Lab. Prior to assuming that responsibility, I was a moderator in the Idea Lab. I have also been heading the New England Regional Group for the past three years. I have learned so much from being a part of the IUG and my work on the steering committee, I would love to continue giving back to the community. As a Vice Chair/Chair Elect I will do my best to be an effective liaison between the IUG community and Innovative Interfaces. I also hope to show non-IUG members all the benefits of being an IUG member.


Gabrielle GosselinGabrielle Gosselin
Library Type: Public (Richland Library)

Candidate Statement: I am currently working as the ILS Database Administrator at Richland Library in Columbia, South Carolina. Richland is a public library system that consists of 13 library locations. I'm also currently serving as the Chair for the Polaris ILS Advisory Committee (PIAC). Before moving south in 2017, I lived and worked in snowy Syracuse, NY for Polaris (and then Innovative) as a Polaris Site Manager. For the non-Polaris folks who are wondering why my name looks familiar; I was on the implementation team at Innovative for the new (current) ticketing system and Supportal project.

I'm enjoying acting as a bridge and translator between Polaris customers and Innovative staff through PIAC and would like to continue doing so for the broader IUG community!


Member at Large (2)

Stephanie KaceliStephanie Kaceli 
Library Type: Academic (Cairn University)

Candidate Statement: Working in Innovative libraries for over 20 years, I have experienced the changing landscape of libraries but also the staying-power of IUG. I am running for member-at-large because I believe in the importance of the IUG community. I attended my first IUG as a graduate assistant and just about everyone in between. For the past 19 years, I have worked at Cairn University’s Masland Library--first as the Technical Services Librarian and now as a director where I continue to manage the systems and electronic resources. In presenting at conferences, volunteering at registration, serving on the 2017 program committee, and being on the Idea Lab Team since its inception, I have seen the significant work of this organization. Locally, I chaired a team to revive the Mid-Atlantic IUG in 2015 and we are still meeting, connecting with one another.

Amid already difficult times, came COVID-19. Innovative libraries are a lifeline in times of great upheaval. Not one system is the same, but we all came together to share ideas, encourage one another, and learn of ways to better serve each of our communities. It is an understatement to say we are all doing more with less and it is organizations like IUG, bringing together staff from all types of libraries, that help us find ways to work smarter and serve our customers well. There are great challenges, but there are just as great opportunities; I look forward to working on a team committed to assisting libraries to find that path together.


Eleanor CrumblehulmeEleanor Crumblehulme
Library Type: Consortia (SILS Consortium)

Candidate Statement: I am a librarian from Vancouver, BC, and I am committed to building relationships among IUG libraries and Innovative staff and contributing to meaningful enhancements of the products we all rely on. I am particularly interested in strengthening the connections among systems, policies, staff, and patrons.

My current position is Library System Administrator for the 11 public libraries that comprise the Saskatchewan Information and Library Services consortium (SILS). I manage Polaris/Leap system settings, make recommendations to best follow consortial and library policies, and troubleshoot issues for member libraries. I work closely with library staff through participation in committees related to policy, cataloguing, and OverDrive.

In my current role, I work closely with vendors, Innovative in particular. I am a member of the Idea Lab team, as a Moderator and an Expert Reviewer, as well as an enthusiastic participant. I joined PIAC early in 2020 to engage more directly with other IUG members and with the Polaris team.

I have worked with many boards, committees, and working groups throughout my career of nearly 2 decades in libraries. As director of a rural regional library, I developed strategic and operational plans, organized staff conferences, and oversaw budgets. Previous areas of experience include collection development, staff training, and many years of circulation and materials handling at both public and academic libraries, where I have used many different ILSs (including Millennium/Sierra).

I look forward to getting more involved in IUG!