IUG 2020 Election Results

The term for each position begins on Saturday, April 18, 2020, the last day of the upcoming IUG conference in Minneapolis, MN.

Vice Chair/Chair-Elect
Trevor DiamondTrevor Diamond
Library Type: Consortia (Morris Automated Information Network-MAIN)

Candidate Statement: System administrator for Polaris ILS since 2011, first with BCCLS, and now with MAIN (since 2017). The most valuable resource available to any librarian is their colleagues, and IUG is a wonderful example of the possibilities that are created when users come together. I have learned so much from IUG and given back when I could by presenting at conferences, serving as Member-at-Large on the IUG Steering Committee, and also being a part of the Polaris ILS Advisory Committee. If elected, I look forward to helping the IUG phenomenon continue and grow in the future.

Member at Large (3)

bornheimerBee Bornheimer
Library Type: Academic (University of San Diego)

Candidate Statement: For the past four years, I have served as the System Administrator for library systems at University of San Diego, providing support and training on Sierra for staff at our two libraries. Prior to this role, I was a Staff Librarian in the Qualcomm Inc. corporate library, managing our integrated library system (Ex Libris Voyager).

Without a doubt, my involvement in the IUG community has been a key factor in being able to do my job successfully. In my earliest days in this position, I leaned heavily on fellow IUG members with many questions to the listserv. And gradually, over the years (to my delight!) I have been able to contribute more and more knowledge back to other members – either by responding to questions over the listserv, or presenting at our regional conference and the national IUG conference. The generosity and collegiality of this community is remarkable. It would be an incredible honor to take my involvement with IUG to the next level by serving on the Steering Committee.

To this role, I can bring over ten years of experience in working with integrated library systems and related technologies, a strong interest in building and strengthening connections within our community and a commitment to making library systems work better for all of us. Thank you for your consideration.

Jeremy Goldstein 2019Jeremy Goldstein
Library Type: Consortia (Minuteman Library Network)

Candidate Statement: I have worked in Innovative libraries for over a decade and have been with the Minuteman Library Network (a 43 member consortia outside Boston, representing both public and academic libraries) since 2013. My current role there of data curation librarian, in which I provide analytics, and tools for better utilizing our data, only exists because of the knowledge and opportunities I was able to gain through the members of IUG.

Over the past few years, I have worked to give back to IUG in a number of ways. I have been honored to serve as a member-at-large for the past two years, in which capacity I have primarily served as the co-coordinator for the Idea Lab (apologies for all the e-mails). I was part of the IUG Conduct Statement Taskforce as well as the IUG Scholarship Committee, having previously been a recipient in 2016. I have also presented a number of programs for both IUG and New England IUG and plan to do so again this year in Minneapolis.

My time serving with the steering committee has been the greatest experience of my professional life and I feel I still have more to contribute. I believe my knowledge and experience with Innovative products, and my dedication to IUG make me an excellent candidate and I hope to have the opportunity to continue giving back to this amazing group that has benefited me so greatly.

pruntelAlison Pruntel
Library Type: Public (Fauquier County Public Library)

Candidate Statement: I have been the ILS administrator for Fauquier County Public Library since 2007. My other duties include management of the technical services and collection development teams (budget, personnel, etc.) as well as all library technology (public computers, library website, Sharepoint, etc.). Part of my duties includes negotiations with vendors for online services/materials. I also liaise with our county IT department. I serve as the coordinator of the Washington, DC Metropolitan Council of Governments (COG) Library Technology group and am also the library rep for our OverDrive consortium. To ensure I’m aware of the impact of technology on staff and library patrons, I also do a weekly shift at our main library reference desk and outreach (schools, other county government departments, local business enterprise center) as needed. My goal is to make our services as user-friendly and frictionless as possible. I have benefitted greatly from the IUG since I started my position with the library and I would like to give back by assisting in whatever ways I can. Thank you for your consideration.