[IUG] Reminder about listing or discussing enhancements on the IUG List

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Folks --

Please remember the list etiquette when discussing enhancements on the
IUG List. As a reminder, the IUG list is wide open and anyone (probably
including Innovative competitors) are listening to what we post.

Here is the information on the List Etiquette:

Specifically about enhancements, see the following:

You may discuss enhancements in general terms of things you would like
to see the system do. However, do not post specific enhancements from
the IUG ballot or Innovative's Preliminary Release Enhancements on the
list. Treat these as confidential information for customers of
Innovative only.

If you have a question about a specific enhancement on the ballot,
contact the Enhancements Coordinator or the Functional Expert of the
module in question. Contact Innovative for questions about items on the
Preliminary Release lists.


We maintain the cooperation about this list being open in large part
because of our self policing of the content. We can have a variety of
opinions about the enhancement voting and the preliminary enhancements.
But we should be cautious about listing in this public forum.

Thanks -- Corey

Corey Seeman
IUG Chair, 2006-2007

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University of Michigan
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