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I'm not an apologist for Microsoft, but their support page suggests Arial
Unicode MS should only be used as a default when, "you cannot use multiple
fonts that are tuned for different writing systems".

One of the issues I have with the Arial Unicode MS is that is it now
appears to be a propriety font. One cannot download it for free if they
do not have an MS product that provides it.

If this problem is exclusively caaused by MS (specifically Internet
Explorer) why does it occur in Millennium cataloging? Is this just a
matter of properly enabling Unicode in Millennium?


Michael Emly wrote:
> Hi Bob et al.
> Thanks to Bob for that very clear synopsis.
> I'm sure everybody realises that this is an IE problem - Firefox can
> handle the whole issue of fonts much better.
> Here at Leeds, we had exactly this problem, and we found that if we
> specified MS Arial Unicode as the default font, it interacted with the
> page layout in the stylesheets in ways which were sometimes unhelpful.
> So do test it.
> For PCs over which we had control (staff and public in the Library), we
> did find an alternative - though less elegant - solution.
> In IE, if you go to Tools/Internet Options/Accessibility
> And tick the box "Ignore font styles specified on web pages"
> And then go to Tools/Internet Options/Fonts
> And specify MS Arial Unicode for Latin based characters
> Then IE will use that font by default - but of course on all web pages,
> not just the WebPAC.
> But be very clear - this is a Microsoft mess, not one generated by III.
> Michael
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> I'm continuing to experiment with how IE decides what font to use. Other
> aspects of this whole issue:
> 1. For people to see CJK, they need to have the appropriate fonts
> loaded.
> You can make this easy, at least with IE, by providing a sample page
> that
> uses an appropriate "charset" designator. I have created a page that
> coerces a browser to load all four sets, at
> 2. A webpage can tell the browser that it's in UTF-8, so the user
> doesn't
> have to fiddle with this. I believe this is possible in an III setup,
> but
> I don't know the details.
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