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Thanks, Nancy.  Edward is right -- it should probably be a POST method 
rather than a PUT method.

I could reproduce the same thing in your catalog and my own with MSIE 5 
under MacOS 9.  The problem does seem to be in the HTML code:

<INPUT TYPE = "SUBMIT" VALUE="View additional copies or search for a 
specific volume/copy">
<INPUT TYPE = "TEXT" NAME = "volume" SIZE = 6>

That should probably be 'METHOD="POST"'.  Also, for the record, there 
shouldn't be any spaces between the attribute name and its value.  I 
can't find the exact citation in the standard...the closest I can get 
2.2> where it says: "Any number of (legal) attribute value pairs, 
separated by spaces, may appear in an element's start tag."  If spaces 
separate attribute-value pairs, one would presume that they are not 
allowed in the middle of such pairs.

Edward -- I've seen the extraneous <HTML> and <HEAD> tags in the HTML 
for years.  The concept that their HTML should validate against any 
sort of DTD has been lost on Innovative from their very first version 
of the WebPAC despite many attempts to convince them what a good idea 
it would be.

To clarify something you said: the file-upload function uses POST in 
addition to the different Content-type.  PUT "requests that the 
enclosed entity be stored under the supplied Request-URI. If the 
Request-URI refers to an already existing resource, the enclosed entity 
SHOULD be considered as a modified version of the one residing on the 
origin server. If the Request-URI does not point to an existing 
resource, and that URI is capable of being defined as a new resource by 
the requesting user agent, the origin server can create the resource 
with that URI." 
<>  Since I 
suspect the intention was not to create an entity on the INNOPAC 
server, this is a bug.

This is clearly an Innovative problem.  The fact that it works with 
MSIE under Windows and Navigator under any platform is a happy 
accident.  One hopes that they will finally see the light and follow 
through with their plan to clean up the HTML as they said they would do 
for the next version.  Just because it works in a popular browser, it 
doesn't mean it is correct.

Please pardon the rant.  I've been struggling with Innovative on this 
ever since we beta tested the WebPAC code at CWRU.

Peter Murray, Computer Services Librarian              W: 860-570-5233
University of Connecticut Law School             Hartford, Connecticut

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